• As the artist (Steven Haddock). I retain all rights to my creations. Therefore I can sell prints of all work created by myself. 

  • If you purchase & become the owner of any of my creations. Please enjoy them as much as you can, but please realise I have sole rights to my art. 

  • I thank you for investing in my art & I. So that I can continue, as an artist.

  • All orders will be excepted on a first come first served bases. As they are original & one of a kind pieces. All prints available through my site are to be purchased through a third party. So any questions feel free to ask ;). 

  • All work is to be paid for upfront. Through PayPal a trusted method. 

  • I do not rent or take returns. So please feel free to contact for a viewing. 

  • I originate, so please don't imitate. To be true please no replications without permission from myself the artist (Steven Haddock).